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This is us

We are bobandkathi, a Christian/New Age band. A happily married duet, we have enjoyed singing and playing together for 43 years. As lead singer, Bob Haine plays the guitar. Kathi Haine rounds out the songs with her harmony and mandolin. Additional background music includes orchestral sounds, singing bowl, wind chimes, keys on a stick, and nature recordings. 
As music ministers, we have performed at many churches, spiritual centers, and congregations. Charity concerts are also something we enjoy, playing at venues for the autistic, special needs, elder care homes, yoga openings, as well as singing in prisons and mental care facilities. We prefer sharing on a close connection and have focused on playing for smaller audiences. 


Kathi's Music

Kathi composes the band’s original lyrics and music 

by “tuning into the infinite.” All songs are uplifting or inspirational. 

The intent for each piece is to get it to the populace where it can 

do the most good.  


Bob's Photography

Bob portrays the beauty of life in photography as well as the music. His photos are of exotic places such as Africa and rain forests, cultural portraits and landscapes of France, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and North America. Some of the most amazing shots are his star trails and nighttime photography capturing the lights of the heavens. 

Bob's beautiful photography is available on https://www.bobhaine.photography

About Us


Our Bio

Both of us were born in the Los Angeles area. Bob grew up as a mountain boy in Idyllwild. Kathi longed for the sea, and we wound up living on the central coast of California. Our original career was teaching. Bob performed in plays as well. We found time to do volunteer work: Bob as a driver for the American Cancer Society, and both of us active in the KAIROS prison ministry. After retiring from teaching, Kathi began blogging on her website kathleendanahaine.wordpress.com and getting training in reiki healing.


Goals and Dreams

Since Bob has passed away in September of 2019, our goals and dreams have been altered. I am continuing our music, possibly remixing some songs and recording some as solo work. Our music is still available for purchase online as well as Bob's beautiful photography. My current projects include writing about my experiences, moving into photography of my own, returning to painting, and planning some surprises for the future.

Our music videos provide samples of our songs, as well as Bob’s photographic skill. The music, sometimes reminiscent of the harmonies of Peter, Paul and Mary, or Sonny and Cher, promotes our message of a positive, Heaven on Earth philosophy. As our logo says: Spread Love.


Great News!


Our Song "Golden Stream" made it in the film For 20!

Coming out soon, look for the movie For 20 by Blaze Mazur. Our song "Golden Stream" was chosen to be in the sound track. The movie shows the downside of marijuana and examines the psychological issues of a dealer named Chance. "Golden Stream" is part of the positive aspect of the film, to be enlightened from the darkness.

The Word Made Flesh / The Star Shines On

These two Christmas Carols provide a contemporary outlook on the greatest story every told. Spread love and share blessings in this holiday season.

Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo shares the message that God is very much alive in the Light and the Love we all spread. The title comes from the presentation of Christ with the words spoken by Pontius Pilate which mean "Behold the man."

The Yosemite Song

The magic of Yosemite National Park inspired this song, with a lifetime of memories and the catchy tune.

Enjoy it with us.

Unity Is Not Uniformity

This song is for people who want to think outside the limiting box of conformity, prejudice, and hatred and be one with creativity, acceptance, and love.

Universal Romance

Universal Romance is just that: an invitation to love universally. It includes everything from personal relationships, connections with nature and reflections on God.

Every Day in Every Way

This song is designed to awaken and advance the human spirit into a closer connection with self, our world, and God.

We hope you enjoy our website.

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