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Word Made Flesh / The Star Shines On

These two Christmas Carols provide a contemporary outlook on the greatest story every told. Spread love and share blessings in this holiday season and always.

Ecce Homo

"Ecce Homo" shares the message that God is very much alive in the Light and the Love we all spread. The title comes from the presentation of Christ with the words spoken by Pontius Pilate which mean "Behold the man."



The Yosemite Song: Coming Home

A song inspired by the wondrous and magical Yosemite National Park. A lifetime of memories is reflected in this catchy tune. Enjoy.

Unity Is Not Uniformity

This song is for people who want to think outside the limiting box of conformity, prejudice, and hatred and be one with creativity, acceptance, and love.



Universal Romance

"Universal Romance" is just that: an invitation to love universally. It includes everything from personal relationships, connections with nature and reflections on God. Written in Yosemite in 1983.

Every Day In Every Way

"Every Day in Every Way" is the first of "Songs for the Soul," the first album of a trilogy designed to awaken and advance the human spirit into a close connection with self, our world, and God.