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Introducing bobandkathi

bobandkathi is a Christian /New Age band. This devoted duet has been married and singing together for 38 years. Bob plays guitar and sings lead. Kathi plays mandolin and usually sings the harmonies. Additional background music includes orchestral sounds, singing bowl, wind chimes, keys on a stick, and nature sounds.


Kathi composes the band’s original lyrics and music by tuning into the infinite. She has written over 200 songs, mostly spiritual/Christian, some folk, all of them uplifting to make people happy.


Bob and Kathi Haine are music ministers and often play at different churches and spiritual centers. Both of them were born in Southern California and they have continued to make their home and music in the Golden State. They have performed at Angels in the Cottage in Idyllwild, California, and Claremont Folk Music Center. They also have sung for special needs children, mental healthcare facilities, and an elder-care home. Bob has been a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society, and he and Kathi have been active in the KAIROS prison ministry. Both Bob and Kathi taught language and sang for their high school students for over 30 years before retiring. While teaching, Bob also performed in several of the Chaffey High School musical productions. Current projects include producing a 15-song CD of musical meditations and a new music video. Kathi is preparing a book on her angel experiences. Bob recently returned from an African photo safari and will be using shots in upcoming music videos.


The music videos of bobandkathi provide samples of their songs, as well as Bob’s photographic skill. Their music is sometimes reminiscent of the harmonies of Peter, Paul and Mary, or Sonny and Cher. Their message is one of a positive, Heaven on Earth philosophy. As their logo says: Spread Love.



Our Song "Golden Stream" made it in the film For 20!!!

Coming out soon, look for the movie "For 20" by Blaze Mazur. Our song "Golden Stream" was chosen to be in the sound track. The movie shows the downside of marijuana and examines the psychological issues of a dealer named Chance. "Golden Stream" is part of the positive aspect of the film, to be enlightened from the darkness of the way "things are supposed to be."

Our Latest Album

bobandakathi's soundcloud Favs

A few of our favorites selections.


Golden Stream

Released in September of 2015

The beautiful sounds of nature, the transformation through love, the gradual build up to joy, make this the perfect song for experiencing relaxation and inner peace.

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Carols for the Christ

Released in September of 2013

This enlightened trio of original Christmas music combines the old and the new, the earthly and the eternal, the religious and the spiritual. The lyrics progress from a question, to an answer, to a revelation. A perfect gift to enjoy for all year.

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"The Yosemite Song: Coming Home"

Released October 2013

A song inspired by the wondrous and magical Yosemite National Park. A lifetime of memories is reflected in this catchy tune. Enjoy.

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Songs for the Soul

Released September 2012

This original, spiritual "feel good" music promotes lyrical messages of universal love, peace, and brotherhood .

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A few fun pics!


We had a great time with these videos.

The Word Made Flesh /

The Star Shines On

These two Christmas Carols provide a contemporary outlook on the greatest story every told. Spread love and share blessings in this holiday season and always.

Ecce Homo


"Ecce Homo" shares the message that God is very much alive in the Light and the Love we all spread. The title comes from the presentation of Christ with the words spoken by Pontius Pilate which mean "Behold the man."

The Yosemite Song /

Coming Home

A song inspired by the wondrous and magical Yosemite National Park. A lifetime of memories is reflected in this catchy tune. Enjoy.